About me: I am an incoming Assistant Professor at the UC Berkeley School of Law and current postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley’s Center for Law, Economics, and Politics. I study how legal institutions shape social and economic inequality, from domestic and comparative perspectives.

Research interests (law): law of democracy, crime/criminal justice, law and inequality, local government, race and the law
Research interests (social science): economic history, political economy, development, labor

CV: [Link]

Working Papers:
The Effect of Political Power on Labor Market Inequality: Evidence from the 1965 Voting Rights Act (with Carlos Avenancio-Leon) [Link]

No Credit For Time Served? Incarceration and Credit-Driven Crime Cycles (with Carlos Avenancio-Leon) [Link]

How Political Representation Reduces Minority-targeted Crime: Evidence from Scheduled Castes in India (with S. K. Ritadhi) [Link]

Can Political Parties Improve Minorities’ Economic Status? Evidence from India (with S. K. Ritadhi) [Link]

The Economic Costs of Segregation: Evidence from the Federal Government under Wilson (with Guo Xu) [Link]

Consumption Tax Reform and the Real Economy: Evidence from India’s Adoption of a Value-Added Tax (with Nirupama Kulkarni and S. K. Ritadhi[Link]

Right-to-Carry Laws and Violent Crime: A Comprehensive Assessment, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies (2019) (with John J. Donohue and Kyle Webber) [Link]

Disenfranchisement and Economic Inequality: Downstream Effects of Shelby County v. Holder, AEA Papers & Proceedings (2019) (with Carlos Avenancio-Leon[Link]

The Impact of Right-to-Carry Laws and the NRC Report: Lessons for the Empirical Evaluation of Law and Policy, American Law and Economics Review (2011) (w/ John J. Donohue and Alex Zhang)  [Link]